IENE Training Seminar: Monitoring wildlife crossings and roadkill

University of Évora, with the support of IENE, Life Lines and the Life Safe Crossing projects.

Organization of the first ‘IENE training seminar’: a training course given as part of the IENE International Conference 2020. The seminar, entitled ‘Tracking of wildlife and road mortality’, focused on teaching evidence-based knowledge and practical tools for managing and mitigating the impacts of linear infrastructures on the environment. The seminar was coordinated by experts from the University of Évora and MINUARTIA and included several theoretical sessions taught by expert trainers on the subject from these organizations, from the CDV-Transport Research Center in Brno and collaborators from Life Safe-Crossing and Life Lines project. The seminar, scheduled as an all-day online session, provided a fruitful opportunity to bring together interdisciplinary participants and to improve their knowledge and skills on the common impacts of infrastructure on issues related to wildlife and society.