Joan Marull

PhD in Ecology

PhD in Ecology from the University of Barcelona. Responsible for projects on Ecology and Territory, and R&D&i at Minuartia. He has experience in both basic and applied research ( His main field of activity is territorial and urban planning from a systemic approach, so he has participated in the strategic environmental evaluation of plans and programs.

He has published more than one hundred scientific papers and participated in numerous competitive research projects at the national and international level. Currently his work focuses on different related fields of study such as green infrastructure, social metabolism, ecological economics, landscape ecology, agroecology, and territorial efficiency; as well as the development and application of integrated models for the analysis of land-use change, ecological transition, and mitigation/adaptation to climate change. Head of the Department of Ecology and Territory of the IERMB and director of the LET, Autonomous University of Barcelona (2010-2023).

His transdisciplinary approach integrates the study of the socioecological processes that take place in the territory, to guide research, management, and policies at multiple spatial and temporal scales.