Design of a Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, on the basis of a carbon footprint calculation

To quantify greenhouse gas emissions and design a reduction plan, MARM is calculating the carbon footprint associated with its activities. The scope of the carbon footprint includes direct emissions due to fuel consumption (Scope 1), indirect emissions associated with electricity consumption (Scope 2) and indirect emissions related to the purchase of products and hiring of services, transport and waste management (Scope 3).

An assessment of the carbon footprint of an organization’s activities is essential to support strategic decision-making and to draw up greenhouse gas reduction plans. The carbon footprint can be used to identify areas in which actions to reduce emissions would have the greatest impact.

Through the Spanish Climate Change Office (OECC), MARM is directly calculating and assessing its Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Minuartia and Estudio Manuel Calvo will provide technical assistance to the OECC to calculate the footprint for Scope 3 emissions, using life cycle analysis (LCA), and to draw up the greenhouse gas reduction plan.