Analysis of public use of natural areas of La Garrotxa, Catalonia

The Natural Park of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone and the Consorci de l’Alta Garrotxa, with the technical assistance of MINUARTIA, are preparing an analysis of public use of the area. The project integrates an analysis of supply and demand, as well as an assessment of how tourism in La Garrotxa contributes to socioeconomic development. Recommendations have also been made to make public use compatible with the conservation of natural and historical heritage.

This is the first step in drawing up the Public Use Plan of La Garrotxa, an action envisaged in the Program of Actions of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST), accredited by the EUROPARC Federation. The scope of the ECTS extends to the entire region of La Garrotxa and the Alta Garrotxa, moreover, other administrations, tourist associations and private companies are directly involved in it.

Sustainable tourism and public use management are priority work areas in the protected natural areas of La Garrotxa, and the Natural Park has recently received the recognition of the Tourism Award 2017, in the category of Responsible Tourism, granted by the Catalan Department of Business and Knowledge