A new edition of the yearly report ‘Environment in Catalonia’ is published

The report is published by the Catalan Government’s Department of Territory and Sustainability, and presents data from 2013. As in previous editions, it provides information on the state of various environment topics in Catalonia.

However, there are some differences from previous editions. Figures are given greater importance, and new contents have been added to the sections on each environmental topic. These new contents are ‘Important facts in 2013’, ‘Key messages’ and ‘Informative capsules’ that can be read independently from the Chapter thread. The ‘capsules’ explain cases that relate the environmental topic with the topics in other chapters or with social or financial topics. This makes it clear that the state of one environment topic depends not only on how we manage it, but also on cross-cutting relationships that affect the quality of the environment.

The report is compiled with the collaboration of different departments and public entities of the Catalonia Government, and MINUARTIA provides technical assistance with its drafting.

The report can be downloaded here.