A measure to reestablish fluvial connectivity in the Parque Natural dels Aiguamolls de l’Empordà

As part of World Fish Migration Day, the Parque Natural dels Aiguamolls de l’Empordà and the association La Sorellona organized on 24 May various activities to raise awareness of the problems faced by migratory fish. Many of these fish are threatened, as dams, locks and other infrastructure block their way and they cannot migrate or move up and down river to carry out activities in the different parts of their life cycles, including reproduction, feeding and dispersal.

In this context, a visit was organized to demonstrate the activities that are being carried out to monitor the operation of a new fish passage constructed last year in Massona Lagoon, as part of an agreement that the Parque Natural has made with Obra Social La Caixa. The passage is a side channel that goes around the sluice gate regulating the Molí Canal at a strategic point for river connectivity between the sea and the Reserva Integral de les Llaunes. Due to the implementation of this measure, fish from the sea can get past the barrier and into the lagoon, and thus complete their life cycles. This permeabilization of a river barrier contributes to the regeneration of fish stocks and the conservation of biodiversity, as these fish provide food for many aquatic birds.

The measure was designed and is being monitored by experts from Sorelló, with the collaboration of Minuartia.