Catalan Wild Boar Monitoring Programme lessons learned after 20 years of implementation
Carme Rosell, Jordi Ruiz-Olmo, Ferran Navàs, Albert Cama, Daniel Guinard, Emili Bassols & Maria Josep Vargas
12th Symposium on Wild Boar and Other Suids. Lázně Bělohrad, Czech Republic, 2018
Can fences stop wild boar movement across the landscape?
Carme Rosell
ASF-Stop WG2-4 workshop: Control of ASF in wild boar populations 12-13th March 2019, Riga
Guia de mesures per reduir els danys causats per mamífers de la fauna salvatge en zones rurals, urbanes i infraestructures
Diputació de Barcelona. Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació. Assistència tècnica: Carme Rosell, Berta Pericas, Joana Colomer i Ferran Navàs. MINUARTIA. 2018
Testing an exclusion fence to prevent damage caused by wild boar to bird populations in a wetland area
Carme Rosell, Sergio Romero de Tejada, Joana Colomer, Ferran Navas & Marina Torrellas
12th International Symposium on Wild Boar and Other Suids. 2018
Case studies on the effect of local road and verge features on ungulate-vehicle collisions
Andreas Seiler, Magnus Sjölund,Carme Rosell, Marina Torrellas, Christer Moe Rolandsen,
Erling J. Solberg, Bram Van Moorter, Ingrid Marie Lindstrøm, Thor-Harald Ringsby

CEDR. SAFEROAD - Safe roads for wildlife and people. 2016
Safe roads for wildlife and people. Final report of the SAFEROAD project
Edgar van der Grift, Carme Rosell, Andreas Seiler & Vanya Simeonova
CEDR. SAFEROAD. Safe roads for wildlife and people. 2016
Road maintenance guidelines to improve wildlife conservation and traffic safety
Carme Rosell, Heinrich Reck, Jan Olof Helldin, Albert Cama & Eugene O'Brien
SAFEROAD. Safe roads for wildlife and people. 2016
Landscaping a new wildlife overpass: small changes make big differences to benefit biodiversity
Carme Rosell, Josep Armengol & Fransesc Molnè
ICOET 2017. International conference on Ecology and Transportation. Utah. 2017
Technical prescriptions for wildlife crossing and fence design (Second edition, revised and expanded)
Ministry of agriculture, food and the environment. Technical assistance: Carme Rosell, Marc Fernández & Ferran Navàs. MINUARTIA. 2016
Principals resultats del projecte “Impactboar” de seguiment de l’activitat del senglar al Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici
Carme Rosell, Alberto Muñoz, Ferran Navàs, Marc Fernández-Bou,Pau Sunyer, Raúl Bonal, Josep Maria Espelta
X Jornades sobre Recerca al Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici. 2015

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