Participation in the conference of the Natural Spaces of La Plana del Vallès

The Third Conference of Natural Spaces of Plana del Vallès, organized by the Association for the Defence and Study of Nature (ADENC), was held at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) last month.

Experts presented studies, which created an interesting space for reflection on topics related to the state, management, territorial planning, the evolution of metropolitan agriculture or biodiversity of the area. In this context, the results of the monitoring study ‘Dispersion of wildlife in the green corridor of the Parc de l’Alba’ were presented. This study was carried out by the Consortium that manages the Synchrotron Park-Parc de l’Alba to promote biodiversity and the maintenance of ecological connectivity in this space. The study was undertaken with the technical assistance of MINUARTIA. Participants’ presentations can be consulted on the ADENC website.