Mario ÁlvarezDegree in Environmental Sciences and MsC in Protected Areas, Natural Resources and Biodiversity

    Degree in Environmental Sciences and Master in Protected Areas, Natural Resources and Biodiversity from the University of Murcia (UM). His woork has been focused on bird monitoring and conservation studies, with extensive experience in monitoring birds of prey in collaboration with the Department of Ecology and Hydrology (UM). During his university studies, he has worked on various aspects of animal ecology with special interest in species distribution, habitat use and selection, impact of habitat transformation and fragmentation on bird communities, and population dynamics. He has participated in various projects that cover various fields, such as feasibility studies for the reintroduction of raptors or the implementation of a cartographic viewer on avifauna of the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean coastline. He has presented communications in congresses, articles and conferences, all of them linked to the study of birds. He is part of the Minuartia team, working on wildlife risk management.

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