Jose María VelascoPhD in Civil Engineering

    He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He has worked as an engineer since 1982. He was director of environmental impact studies and road projects in the Eix Transversal de Catalunya and has collaborated in research on the impact of roads on wildlife. He provided technical assistance on the Ebro River navigation project, and participated in managing the attachment of naiads such as Margaritifera auricularia. Currently, his work is focused on structures, including the roof of the Santa Caterina market in Barcelona or the Sant Julià Bridge in Andorra. He has published articles and communications in international and national journals and congresses and has participated in specific conferences on timber structures. In Minuartia, he collaborates in projects on applied structures, such as artificial structures for birds and wildlife crossings.

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