Publication of descriptive factsheets on 66 green and biodiversity projects in Barcelona

Barcelona City Council has published a document that compiles the most relevant projects carried out during the deployment of the Green and Biodiversity Plan 2020, which, along with the Barcelona Natura Plan 2021-2030, promote a series of concepts and contents and have renewed Barcelona’s relationship with nature and its management. These actions can be inspiring […]

Telemetry allows tracking seagull movements near airports, contributing to air safety

Maintaining the safety of operations is a priority at airports, and fauna study and management on the premises and in the surrounding areas is a key factor in reducing bird strike risk. To address these aspects and share experiences among stakeholders, the Spanish State Air Safety Agency (AESA) has organized the III National Forum on […]

Drafting of an environmental study for the improvement of land connectivity. Permeabilization of infrastructures. La Múnia – Marmellar

As part of the green infrastructure development projects promoted by the Catalan Government and commissioned by Infraestructures.Cat, the environmental study has been carried out on improvement of land connectivity for the permeabilization of infrastructures around La Múnia and Marmellar with the technical assistance of Minuartia. In this sector, straddling the Alt and Baix Penedés regions, […]

Maintenance of ecological assets on linear transport infrastructure: New CEDR publication

El pasado 8 de diciembre, la organización internacional Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) publicó el documento Maintenance of ecological assets, que cierra el programa de investigación ‘Roads and Wildlife – Transnacional Road Research Program’ iniciado en  2013. Se trata de una guía práctica dirigida a los gestores de infraestructuras lineales de transporte que […]

European Environment Award given to SUEZ Spain for the strategy of supporting green infrastructure

SUEZ Spain has received the European Environment Award from the European Commission in the category ‘Enterprise and Biodiversity’. The award recognizes SUEZ Spain’s strategy to promote biodiversity in water cycle companies through progressive transformation of facilities (wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, and others) to green infrastructure. The ‘Operational guide for the conservation of […]

The final documents for the project ‘Safe Roads for Wildlife and People’ are now available

The SAFEROAD project, ‘Safe Roads for Wildlife and People’, funded by the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) within the framework of its ‘Roads and Wildlife’ research programme, has been developed by a consortium comprised of Alterra, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, MINUARTIA, the Institute for Natural Resources Conservation of the University of […]

Presentation on biodiversity at the international seminar ‘The road in the landscape’

The seminar ‘The road in the landscape’ was held on 9–10 May in Barcelona, and was organized by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and the Government of Catalonia’s Secretariat for Infrastructure and Mobility of the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability. The conference focused on exploring the relationship between landscape and roads, viewed from different perspectives, […]

Amendment of the Special protection plan for the Conreria-Sant Mateu-Céllecs area

In April 2013, the expansion of the Conreria-Sant Mateu-Céllecs PEIN area in the Serralada Litoral was approved, to increase the protected area from 4,706 to 7,408 ha. The Barcelona Provincial Council (Diputació de Barcelona) has promoted the amendment of the Special Protection Plan so that it can be applied to the new extended areas. The […]

The new wildlife overpass on the A2 motorway improves ecological connectivity

During 2016, a defragmentation action was carried out on the A2 motorway, which consisted of constructing a new structure to enhance ecological connectivity. The structure is an overpass designed exclusively to improve ecological connectivity in a strategic point of Girona province. One of the singularities of this defragmentation action, which compensates for the expansion of […]