Training seminar: Wildlife hazard management in airports

Spanish CAA (AESA)/ISDEFE/INECO 2014. 2014 Training course for technicians involved in wildlife hazard management in airports. Theoretical and practical sessions dealing with: identification of factors that attract wildlife; bird populations monitoring methods; types of effective measures to prevent wildlife hazards; coordination with external stakeholders, implementation of measures outside the airport grounds; collection, reporting and analysing […]

Technical service for the update of the Wildlife Risk Hazard Management Programme for Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat International Airport

AENA. 2004-currently, different projects Preparation of the first edition of the WHMP. Annual updates, as well as monitoring, evaluation and implementation of subsequent updates on the execution of the Programme. Monitoring of bird populations in the airport area and its surroundings and identification of bird attraction points (within a radius of 13 km). Update of […]