MINUARTIA is an environmental consultancy with more than 30 years of experience in the management and conservation of fauna and biodiversity

Permanent staff form an interdisciplinary team that includes graduates (holders of bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and PhDs, as well as engineers) in various environment-related specialities, supported by a network of expert collaborators who join the company’s project teams. We also establish partnerships and agreements with companies, universities and research centres. This work model allows us to offer a better quality and wider range of services.

The company participates in scientific and technical cooperation projects, as well as research and development. Innovation, creativity and technical rigour characterize our work system and result in a high output of publications and conference papers. We guarantee that our knowledge is up-to-date, as professionals from our technical team attend specialized courses and conferences.

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The development of the company is based on professional ethics. We implement a work-life balance plan for employees to improve their quality of life and maintain a team of motivated professionals who are enthusiastic about the development of the organization. Our employment policy also includes a commitment to fair contracts. Due to our actions in the areas of employment, social and environmental responsibility, we were awarded the Prize for Company Values 2011 by the PIMEC Foundation.

We have implemented and certified an environmental management system according to the requirements of international standard ISO 14001: 2015, and a quality management system according to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

We have full equipment to provide a wide range of services with quality assurance, including geographic information systems, video and photography systems activated by infrared detectors and motion sensors, topography devices, GPS, all-terrain vehicles and wildlife capture, monitoring and radio tracking equipment.

We have carried out studies and projects in Spain, Europe and internationally. We are endorsed by an extensive portfolio of clients with a high degree of loyalty, mostly comprised of public administrations and public and private companies.

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We form interdisciplinary project teams whose members are highly qualified
(bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD holders, as well as engineers)
experts in a range of specialities.

We create value-added partnerships with other companies,
universities and research centres from different countries.

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