Alberto Pérez Garrido

Degree in Environmental Sciences and MSc in 'Wildlife Biology and Conservation'

Graduated in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid and Master in ‘Wildlife Biology and Conservation’ by the Edinburgh Napier University. His university studies have focused on the study of population dynamics of species of fishing interest with special emphasis on the recruitment stage, collaborating with the Research Group “Bentonic Ecosystems and Demersal Resources” of the Balearic Oceanographic Center (IEO – Balearic Islands) within the project of the CLIFISH National Plan “Climatic variability and fisheries in the 21st century: Effects of global change on populations and necto-benthic communities (2016-2018)”.

In the field of ornithology, in 2016 he volunteered in the organization GREFA, where he participated in raptor bird censuses as well as captive breeding in his headquarters in Madrid. At the professional level, he participated in 2018 in the census campaigns of seabirds carried out in the Balearic archipelago as part of the project “Protection of Seabirds in the Balearic Islands” promoted by the Species Protection Service attached to the Ministry of Environment of the Balearic Islands. He is part of the Minuartia team, coordinating the team of fauna risk management technicians at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.