A new edition of the yearly report ‘Environment in Catalonia’ is published

The report is published by the Catalan Government’s Department of Territory and Sustainability, and presents data from 2013. As in previous editions, it provides information on the state of various environment topics in Catalonia. However, there are some differences from previous editions. Figures are given greater importance, and new contents have been added to the […]

The first ‘Handbook of Road Ecology’ has been published, bringing together the knowledge of authors from around the world

The drafting of the Handbook involved a hundred authors from 25 countries. Among them are researchers from Universities and research centres, as well as recognized experts on the topic from around the world. This mixed team can transfer scientific knowledge to concepts that apply to the planning, implementation, and management of transport infrastructures. The chapter ‘Wildlife […]

The SAFEROAD project presents a video on amphibians and roads

Frogs, toads, salamanders and newts are Amphibians, a group of animals that is declining worldwide. Road collisions are one of the main causes of their mortality. The video examines the effectiveness of measures applied to reduce this mortality on roads. It was developed as part of the SAFEROAD project. The consultancy ALTERRA is the project leader, […]